BOGNER Ecstasy


TUBES Power 4xEL34
3 channel all tube design

Ch1: gain, bass, middle, treble and volume control

Ch1:3 position pre eq andgain boost

Ch2: gain, volume and 3 position pre eq

Ch3: gain, volume and 3 position pre eq

Ch2 & 3: common bass, middle and treble controls

Ch2 & 3: common gain-structure, gain boost andplexi modeswitch

Tube buffered effects loop, series or parallel (mix control) mode, master volume

Dual assignable presence controls with excursion switches for loose and tight feel

Halfpower & old/new style switch (cuts power from full to about25 watts)

Functions on foot controller: ch1, ch2, ch3, boost 1, boost 2, fx loop, stand-by mute

NOTE Ottime condizioni, footswitch originale incluso.

BOGNER Ecstasy

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