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KEELEY BLUES DISORDER Overdrive and Distortion


Keeley combines two completely different overdrive and distortion circuits to create four different drives in one box.  The Blues Disorder has two switches that allow you to separate the tone control from the clipping section.  By mixing and matching the Tone and Drive switches you get two hybrid sounds.  With both switches up it’s a smooth, soft-clipping Bluesy Breaker.  The BB side is a low gain, soft-clipping overdrive.  With both switches down it’s a fuller sounding, hard-clipping OC Distortion. The clever design keeps the pedal a simple three knob overdrive with 4 unique sounds.  Switch easily between buffered or true-bypass; whichever sounds best in your rig.  The Keeley Blues Disorder Overdrive and Distortion is designed and manufactured entirely by Keeley Electronics in our brand new aluminum enclosure.


- The Blues Disorder is two complete analog drive circuits.  It has both a hard-clipping distortion and a soft clipping overdrive 

- Toggle between tone stacks or gain stages.  Create hybrid overdrives by swapping Drive and Tone circuits. 

- True Bypass or Buffered Bypass  – Use the buffer to improve your rig’s tone.  Switch to true bypass in two seconds. Simply hold the stomp switch down to switch anytime.

- Keeley pedals are engineered in our tone lab and sonically perfected with the help of studio and touring musicians.  These instruments are built entirely in our factory.

KEELEY BLUES DISORDER Overdrive and Distortion

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